New Products: Mugs, Coasters, and Mouse Pads

May 11, 2016

coasters, mouse pads, mugs, news, product By: Jason Barnette

When I first began selling prints of my travel photography, I focused entirely on paper prints and canvas gallery wraps. But over time people kept asking, "Do you sell mugs? Mouse pads? Canvas totes? Playing cards?" Eventually I realized I had a business opportunity that was slowly slipping through my fingers, so I decided to make a change.

I will slowly begin rolling out new products featuring my photography beginning in early 2016. Every few months I will invest in a batch of new products after doing some research, price shopping, and finding a vendor with really great quality work. As soon as I am satisfied with a new product, you will be the first to know! Maybe the second. The best friend is usually the first to know.

This May I unveiled three new products for my business: ceramic mugs, stone coasters, and foam-backed mouse pads. Each of these products are high-quality with a fantastic photo finish. I have selected a few photos that I feel work best on these three product types and added them to my website. Click here to begin browsing the new products!


These ceramic mugs are available in three sizes: 11 oz, 15 oz, and 20 oz. I feel the smaller size is perfect for tea and casual coffee drinkers. The 15 oz size will be the most popular because it is the most common size purchased. The large 20 oz size is perfect for people like me that drink lots of coffee to get their mornings started.

Each mug features a wrap-around, high-resolution image. The mugs are hefty enough to be good quality without being too heavy. They are also dishwasher safe.

You can purchase the mugs individually, or as a set of four. A set of four mugs will feature the size and image of your choice, but you cannot mix and match sizes or images for the sets.

Click here to begin shopping for mugs.


Everybody needs a good set of coasters to protect their furniture. These high-quality stone coasters feature a cork backing to protect your furniture and a porous, absorbent stone tile to prevent liquids from running off the sides. 

These coasters can be purchased as a set of 4 that feature a different image on each coaster around a central theme (sunrises & sunsets, Washington D.C., or wildlife, for example) or you can purchase a set of 8 that consists of two sets of four.

Click here to begin shopping for coasters.

Mouse Pads

If you're like me, you spend a lot of spend at the computer. Everyone with a computer needs a good mouse pad, and these are perfect since they feature a high-quality image from my collection. They also make great gifts!

These mouse pads are 9"x7.75" and feature a thick foam backing, making them comfortable to use for hours at a time. They are also stain resistant. The photos turn out looking great on the material.

Click here to begin shopping for mouse pads.


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