Photo Story: The Art of the Silhouette

Posted By Jason Barnette on July 21, 2015

Silhouettes are a beautiful thing. If captured properly they are crisp and full of detail, and yet mysterious and simplistic. But they are also difficult to capture, which just makes them that much more valuable and rare and is just one of the reasons I love them so much.

The aspect of silhouette photography I love the most is the lack of definition within the frame. Sure, you can usually tell what the silhouette is if I have done a good job capturing the photo. You can tell it is a bird, a person on a paddleboard, a mountain range, or a tree. But what else can you tell about it? What other details can you see?

Nothing. And that is just what I love so much about it. No color, detail, texture, patterns, nothing but pure, simple blackness. It is a form of minimalist photography. With fewer colors, details, textures, and patterns, the remaining photo is more fully appreciated. It also leaves the rest to your imagination, or no imagination at all.

Any way you look at it, silhouette photography is a beautiful thing. Here are some of my favorite silhouette photography images available for printing.




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