Meet Jason Barnette

Photography camera naturally to me. Turning it into a business? Now that was hard.

My name is Jason Barnette. By day I am a professional travel writer and photographer. By night...well I'm still a professional travel and photographer. But somewhere along the way I made the same decision many photographers make: to begin selling my prints.

At first that is all I did: I sold canvas gallery wrap and paper prints of my photography. I made a photography book the first year I bought some serious gear. I started putting out a calendar each year. Slowly but surely, business grew, I expanded, and then I created this website.

In early 2016 I made the decision to begin selling products featuring my photography. I was always bombarded with the "Do you sell this" and "Do you sell that" questions. I finally decided to start saying, "Yes. Yes I do." So I began with a small collection of products: mugs, coasters, and mouse pads. They were a wild success.

So at the end of the day I am a travel writer and photographer who grew up in Southwest Virginia, spent two years living in Pittsburgh, then the next fifteen years living in coastal North Carolina and South Carolina. Through Southeastern Traveler I post my travel photography and stories, license my photos to magazines and tourism agencies, and fund my desire to explore ever nook and cranny of the Southeastern United States.

Through Jason Barnette Photography I sell the best of my photography as limited edition or open edition prints, products, and calendars. I have dreams of opening a gallery in a narrow, quaint downtown setting some day. Until then you can find me online, on a beach, standing on a mountain top, and eventually selling my goods at art festivals, holiday shopping events, or on a street corner. Seriously I will set up a table and sell on a street corner sometimes just because it's fun.

You could also visit any of my social media accounts below and drop me a message. I always enjoy chatting with my fans and customers, and I have formed some really great friendships with people who first came to admire my photography. You could be next!

Have a great day and I hope you enjoy the show!

Jason Barnette